ONE+K teams with iconic game developer Bandai Namco to create a dynamic CG announcement trailer.
ONE+K is selected to help with global launch of new mobile game!
DC Entertainment events app available for fans at WonderCon.
Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra: Enhanced Experience gets featured in the iBookstore.
ONE+K creates a deep dive experience into Pacific Rim.
DC Comics engages ONE+K for 'Man of Steel'.
The True Bloodlines interactive feature for HBO immerses fans into the network of human and supernatural character connections that make the show so compelling. The show maintains a devout following and is now in its sixth season and counting.
Resident Evil Damnation. An extended fiction piece puts a doctor under attack by 'lickers' as he tries to upload information to save the world.

Turning consumers into fans

ONE+K is a collective group of pop-culture obsessives who pinch themselves every day that they get to develop campaigns, products and experiences for clients in the media and entertainment, games, technology and retail industries.
The team doesn’t so much reach out to audiences, as grab them by their collective jugulars… with work that is crafted by people who know and love the subject matter as much as their audience does.

See what they do…

ONE+K teams with iconic game developer Bandai Namco to create a dynamic CG announcement trailer
ONE+K partners with game developer Fincon to launch Hello Hero in western markets
ONE+K teams with Sony Home Entertainment to create behind-the-scenes features for ELYSIUM
ONE+K creates compelling added value content for the series home entertainment release
ONE+K teams with publishers to innovate reading experiences for a new generation
In commercials bound for new platforms, information shares stage with entertainment
A few Apps you should know about
ONE+K helps social start-up, Spread, create a new way for consumers to share products they love
ONE+K powers a pantheon of superheroes

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the ONE+K family

ONE+K is owned by Cinram Group, a global provider of communications and content delivery solutions to the media, entertainment, games, technology and retail industries.

Cinram is a member of The Najafi Companies, which include Skymall, Actissia Publishing, Resolution Talent Agency and a number of other outstanding companies in the communications and consumer media sector.